Welcome to The FOSS Lab Server (FLS) site of NRCFOSS/AU-KBC, Anna University Chennai! FLS is designed, developed and deployed to provide a continuously updatable archive of all the important resources that are essential for learning and mastering FOSS tools, technologies and products. It contains software binaries and source code, documentation and manuals, a set of mailing list archives, etc -- all made searchable. FLS is virtually a powerful snapshot of the Internet as far as FOSS is concerned .

The Internet in real time is of course the best resource to learn everything about FOSS! Apart from the ready availability of source code, documentation and examples, the Internet also has a wealth of knowledge in form of mailing lists, IRCs and newsgroups. Students getting initiated into the FOSS realm benefit immensely from direct access to of these resources.

However, good quality high speed internet access for students in many places is very limited or non-existent, especially in rural areas. The nonavailability of on line FOSS resources would normally impair the students' ability to acquire mastery over FOSS, but installing the highly affordable FOSS Lab Server on the Campus LAN solves this problem to some extent.