As a part of the NRCFOSS program, we are promoting the tools, technologies, products, solutions, architectures, standards and methodologies of F/OSS in colleges in order to strengthen the Knowledge Industry domain in India and help make Computers and I.T. more affordable to people, thereby helping bridge the digital divide.

The FOSS Lab Server in effect provides the students with a virtual high-speed unrestricted Internet access to meet their learning needs as far as the FOSS resources are concerned. The server can be installed in a local host and accessed from anywhere in the campus network.

While the FOSS LAb Server is concieved and realised as a generic platform for all FOSS learners with out adequate Internet connectivity, it specifically has contents for the syllabus for the FOSS Elective Courses ( CS1023 and CS 1024) as well as FOSS core Lab (CS2406 ) offered currently in Tamil Nadu under the Anna University curriculum for under-graduate students in Computer and I. T. streams. These contents could also be enhanced continuously by the users to meet the changing needs of students and the faculty learning or working with FOSS.

The FOSS LAB Server has been developed for NRCFOSS, AU-KBC Centre, Anna University Chennai by DeepRoot Linux, Bangalore, and has been released under GPL. Academic institutions and others interested can get it from NRCFOSS/AU-KBC Centre on a 500 GB HDD, along with its Installation, User and Admin manuals , user training and support, etc. - please see “To get FLS” on this site for procuring FLS from us.